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My name is Carmen DeBartolo-Kelly

Thank you for taking a moment to stop by my website to see what my business principles are. After working on 5th Avenue and Madison Avenue spas for 12 years, it was time to go solo and create my own business model.  What is it you may ask?  It's a simple formula, fusing my passion and absolute love for both of my professions in skin care (8 yrs) and body work (13 yrs) and combing it with my love for our planet.  It's truly gratifying that I'm able to make a change in the right direction within peoples lives.  From making their skin change with the tools available today and providing education in understanding the dynamics of our largest organ the skin. Then there is this amazing living organism we use every second of our lives but, truly don't understand the how and why's of it's inner workings ...your body!  My specialty is Myofascial Release it addresses long standing muscle trigger points from repetitive physical overuse.  In respects to my love for our planet, kindly read the last selection of "Today Not Tomorrow"

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