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The Sanctuary Spa NYC Philosophy

I love what I do!! Started with bodywork 12 yrs ago and Esthetics 8 yrs ago. After working for lovely spas on Madison & 5th Avenue I have decided to go solo and make a difference in our world by giving 5% of all services to a world charity that you as a client gets to pick at the end of the appointment


My ultimate dream is to see my business model have an impact on another businesses big or small in the hopes they follow this business model in donating even if it's just 1% to any world charity.  People go crazy for $1 lotto and grow the winning pot into millions if not billions, why not for our planet?  Our new borns deserve the fundamentals of planetary life and all innocent creatures deserve to live once again I say...Today not Tomorrow

Beagle Puppy
Girl at Aquarium
Furry Dog
Environment Pollution
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